Saturday, 22 December 2012

Some Bizzare and Odd things around us…

SEKADAR untuk tontonan                    
Morning Glory – kind of clouds observed in the Gulf of Carpentaria in northern Australia

Heavy fog in Sydney, which enveloped the whole city.

Photo of storm in Montana, USA, 2010.

guard in Mare, France must be one of the most courageous people on the planet!


This is a unique geological phenomenon known as Danxia landform. These phenomena can be observed in several places in China. This example is located in Zhangye, Province of Gansu. The color is the result of an accumulation for millions o

Salam semanis coklat,


Cik Que said...

gerun tengok gmbr nombor 2, 3 & 4 tu..

hainom OKje said...

Yelah KZ memang gerun betullah mcm yang Cik Que